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Global Stock Trends Corporation (GSTC) provides specialized products and services designed to deliver strategic advantages to global investors and leading companies seeking continued growth in their businesses. These products and services are distributed through our Business-To-Business (B2B) Channel offering maximum speed, efficiencies, and accessibility to our Customers.

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Investment Research

GSTC Market Reports  |  Financial Content Development

  GSTC Market Reports |  Features & Benefits  

Profit From Timely Investment Opportunities...!

GSTC Market Reports are regional reports that feature selected companies exhibiting early price appreciation and depreciation trends to assist global investors maximize their profit opportunities. Our investment research is based on economic fundamental analysis, technical trend analysis, and market sentiment evaluation techniques used in combination to confirm current stock price trends.

Our analysis differentiates us from our competitors in that the selection of featured companies is based on our Analysts trading experiences, current market conditions, and industry outlooks and not just solely based on software programs.  Our evaluation techniques have been historically associated with significant stock price moves before a company reaches their new 52 week high or low based on the fact that opportunities are highlighted primarily during price trend reversals.

Four reports covering the world's leading markets are published on a weekly basis:

  • North American Market Report - selection of stocks traded in the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and American Stock Exchange
  • European Market Report - selection of stocks traded in the London Stock Exchange, Bourse Paris, Deutsche Bourse, and as American Depository Receipts (ADR)
  • International Market Report - selection of stocks traded in the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Australia Stock Exchange, and as ADR
  • Latin American Market Report - selection of stocks traded in the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, Bolsa de Valores de Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, and as ADR

Features & Benefits  |  Sample  

  • Coverage of World Leading Markets (North America, Latin America, Europe, International)
  • Four weekly reports identifying up to 24 stocks exhibiting profit opportunities
  • Charts exhibiting price levels and technical indicators suggesting directional stock price trends
  • Access to company financial data and news
  • Access to analysts' consensus recommendations on featured stocks
  • Lower research costs (no data feed service or special software required)
  • Reports are published by noon EST on Sunday
For more detailed information, please contact us today to discuss your special business needs.

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Financial Content Development

GSTC can provide your business with financial content that will keep your clients informed and ultimately interested in your site.  Examples of the content we can provide include:  Detailed Quotes,  Symbol Lookup, Multi-Quote, Options, Top Ten Market Gainers & Losers, Stock Charting, Financial Markets at a Glance, Detailed Financial Market Indices, Portfolio, and News.

Benefits and Features you receive include:

  • Ability to differentiate your service from competitors

  • Increased internet traffic and customer retention to your website

  • Repeated user base thereby facilitating cross selling of other offerings within your medium

  • Lower operating costs as GSTC provides the hosting and content management service

  • Additional source of revenue to your business when you participate in our Business Affiliate Program

Please note that we can develop individual formats and comprehensive services to accommodate your budget needs.  In addition, your business can increase revenues by participating in our Business Affiliate program allowing cross selling of GSTC services to your clients.

For more detailed information, please contact us today to discuss your special business needs. 

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Corporate Development

Business Development  |  Venture Capital Formation   

Business Development  

GSTC assist emerging and growing businesses achieve rapid execution of their business plans.  Our dedicated and experienced consultants analyze key corporate infrastructure areas and implement strategic initiatives designed to support your planned and continued business expansions.  Our approach is team-based and we concentrate in the following specialties:  

  • Business Incubation - we provide low cost, private furnished office space including shared corporate support staff, conference center, and office services, to new start-up ventures in our HQ facilities located in Boca Raton, Florida.  Other incubating facilities can be facilitated in major high technology regions within the United States and Europe. 

  • Product / Technology Commercialization - we assist in product development efforts by acting as interim program development managers to facilitate prototyping, development, beta testing, and product launch of proprietary innovations. 

  • Intellectual Capital Development - we research organizational needs, identify gaps, and conduct strategic searches to identify and secure valuable professional resources for key operating and corporate governance positions. 

  • Sales Channel Development - we research organizational needs, develop a Sales Channel Strategy, and ultimately implement by developing relationships with prospective business parties. 

  • Technology Licensing - we assess organizational needs, research available technologies at the Corporate and Research Institutional levels, and help secure the desired technology license.

  • Strategic Partnerships and Alliances - we research complementary organizations, identify prospective principals, and help secure strategic partnerships and alliances to facilitate business expansions.   

  • Strategic Acquisitions and or Merger Targets - we research complementary organizations exhibiting significant growth potential, operating, and technical advantages, identify, make introductions, and facilitate desired business transactions.

  •  New Facility Site Research and Selection - we research, identify, and help secure prospective new facilities and or sites to maximize corporate process efficiencies, maintain lower operating costs, and maximize corporate tax incentive advantage.

These services are provided on a Consulting basis and are customized to our client's interests.  Please contact us indicating your specific business needs.  A company representative will contact you shortly to review your particular requirements.

 Venture Capital Formation 

GSTC provides emerging businesses with advice and professional access to venture capital and private equity funds through our network of more than 400 private capital firms managing over $100 billion.  We combine technology, information, strong relationships and experience to help venture stage and established companies with up to $100 million in sales, across a broad spectrum of industries.  Our approach is strategic in nature.  We work with Private and Institutional Investors who specialize in your Industry and more importantly, can add value as a business partner to help grow your business.

Please contact us to request more details on our dedicated capital formation services. We keep all client material in the strictest of confidence and are willing to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to receiving your information.  If desired, please print our Confidentiality Agreement document and fax your signed copy to our office.   We will contact you shortly to discuss your specific needs.

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Financial Communications

GSTC provides services to help maximize your company's exposure to global financial markets and targeted investor groups that share an interest in capital appreciation opportunities in successful emerging companies.  GSTC markets your company and facilitates introductions with prospective investors through targeted financial communication programs designed to maximize intended communication efficiencies.  Services offered include:

  • Targeted financial communications to Analysts, Institutional, Corporate, and Private Investors

  • Investor Relations Web Page Development featuring Stock Chart, Financial Data, News, Events, Others

  • Coordination and Implementation of Road Shows

  • Coordination and Implementation of Investor Conferences

  • Coordination and Implementation of Webcast Communications

  • Introductions at Venture Capital Forums

  • Media Advertising

These services are provided on a Consulting basis and are customized to our client's interests.  Please contact us indicating your specific business needs.  A company representative will contact you shortly to review your particular requirements.

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Partner with Us...!

GSTC is currently interested in forming partnerships with businesses that can provide value-added and complimentary services in the form of Application Service Providers (ASP), Investor and Public Relations Services, and  Business Representation in geographical areas. By partnering with us, you will find that working with a global community of entrepreneurs, emerging companies, and investors to achieve their financial goals is a very rewarding experience at a personal and financial level.  Relationships are very dynamic and benefits achieved can be seen in a tangible way, be it in the form of wealth creation, economic impact by a developed enterprise, or simply a lasting relationship that can help your own business in many ways.

Please contact Kelli Baro, Managing Director, at 401-885-4606 or to discuss possible business opportunities.

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